Corporate Purchasing

Innovative Approach Execution and Coordination Consideration Access and Savings Profitable Service Center Partnership
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Preferred Supplier Agreements

  • Agreement of benefitial umbrella terms and conditions
  • Thorough coverage of OS&E (Operating, Supplies & Equipment) and FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) issues, Printing, Beverages and corporate guest supplies
  • Maximise material quality and low costs when creating corporate items

Management of approved suppliers and manufacturers

  • Continuous update on new projects and refurbishments to keep them ahead of competitors
  • Individual contact between supplier and hotel = efficient communication and handling of individual requirements with Corporate Purchasing as liaison

Economies of Scale

  • Purchasing power through centralised bulked purchasing which reflect the purchase volume for Kempinski Hotel Group
  • Substantial cost savings which cannot be achieved by a single unit
  • Justifiable suppliers’ price increases negotiated to minimum level

Transparency & Kempinski Corporate Purchasing Manual

  • Transparency by publishing terms & conditions with contracted suppliers in the Kempinski Corporate Purchasing Manual
    Access to Kempinski Corporate Purchasing manual in Teaming at any time
    Permanent update and expansion to react to new market developments

Brand Management

  • Realisation of visual and design guidelines in close co-operation with Corporate Marketing

Supply Chain Management

  • Global sourcing process and material planning to maximise quality at lowest costs
  • Supervise production, re-orders and distribution to hubs in Germany and Middle East
  • Co-ordination and just-in-time delivery to Kempinski hotels worldwide