Added Value / Unique Sales Position

Kempinski Trading Co. manages interior projects to ensure that all the resources and materials are used efficiently, effectively and imaginatively. This creative and innovative approach has, in the past, proven to add value.

Innovative Approach Execution and Coordination Consideration Access and Savings Profitable Service Center Partnership
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Innovative Approach

Full understanding and knowledge of :

  • Operational challenges
  • Requirements of a luxury hotel

Extensive experience in the procurement sector
Tailor-made service:

  • Client’s requirements are highest priority
  • No administrative or corporate strategy restrictions
  • Long-term relationship

Resources and materials are used:

  • Efficiently
  • Effectively
  • maginatively

Execution and Co-ordinationFrom inception to completion and beyond :

  • Rationalise budgets
  • Coordination with all other professional teams involved
  • Inventory management
  • Defining and running the interior programme
  • Unique after sales service


Careful consideration given to:

  • Quality
  • Manufacture
  • Due diligence on all products, particularly in relation to safety and durability 
    … so that items can withstand the rigours of long-term use.

Access and Savings

As a result of many years of co-operation with some of the foremost suppliers to the hospitality industry, we can provide :

  • Access to quality products at reasonable prices
  • Substantial cost-savings (not achievable by a single unit)

Profitable Service Centre

Added-value for each Kempinski hotel, new opening and
Kempinski S.A.


Focus on providing a flexible solution for the client with  
a view to forming a long term relationship.