Budgeting, Control and Accounting

Budgets are compiled based on client requirements with recommendations given by Kempinski Trading Co. based on data compiled from past experience and knowledge of the latest products in the marketplace.

Budget preparation Budget assessment Budget & Ordering systme Cash-flow Forecasts & reports Accounts playable Transparency & cooperation Asset audit Asset tagging Close-out procedures & documentation
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Budget preparation

  • Based on client requirements
  • Recommendations given based on experience and knowledge of latest products in the marketplace

Budget assessment

  • Assessment of budget against design proposals
  • Quantification of FF&E elements to provide for varying room configurations and standards

Budget & Ordering system

  • Specifically created for hotel projects
  • Includes all project parameters according to specifications
  • e.g. number of rooms, F&B outlets and leisure facilities

Cash-flow forecasts and reports

  • Cash-flow forecast and customised status reports regularly provided to client
  • Financial aspects of project are closely monitored throughout project
  • Expenditure is within budget

Accounts payable

  • Full accounts payable process can be established
  • Invoices checked against orders and delivery notes
  • Preparation of invoices for payment by the client or a client-funded account

Transparency & co-operation

  • Accounting staff are in constant contact with Project Director
  • Settlement is only made up on full compliance with the order

Asset audit

  • Reliable and trained staff can be provided to implement the initial project

Asset tagging

  • Tagging and bar-coding all items is tedious and time-consuming
  • This can be undertaken by Kempinski Trading Co.

Close-out procedures & documentation

Legal, safety and information documentation

  • Certificates and warranties
  • Operating manuals listing sources, descriptions and specifications
  • Statutory guidelines and generally accepted principles

Suppliers, manufacturers, installation contractors

  • Detailed inspection of entire installation
  • Prior to handover, itemised snagging list is the basis for remedial work and snagging procedures
  • Final account details are agreed, allowing for any retention clauses

Kempinski Trading Co.

  • Training programmes supplied to the operator for proper use of products, particularly machinery and chemicals
  • Controlled, phased handover as various areas are complete